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1.  Name and address of the college:


Address:  Kuvempu Road, Channarayapattana.

City:  Channarayapatna            Pin:  573 116       State:  Karnataka

Ph.: 08176-252266

email: safgccrpc@gmail.com & principal@safgccrp.org            

Website : www.safgccrp.org

2.  For Communication:


Dr.N Shankaresh ,M.Sc,P.hd.,

Principal  Office: 08176 -252266  Mob:9448719959   Email: drshankaresh@gmail.com

IQAC Co-ordinator

Prof. Arpitha H J,M.Sc,NET.,

Mob:9738554973   Email: appiaru@gmail.com

Technical Admin (ICT)

Mr.Nandeesha S C,M.Com,Diploma in Computer.,

Mob:9902723143   Email: nandeesha.grs@gmail.com

3.  Status of the of Institution: Affiliated College

4.  Type of Institution:  Co-education & . Regular

5. Source of funding:  Government                          



7.Date of establishment of the college: 20/06/1979                   

8.University to which the college is affiliated: UNIVERSITY    OF   MYSORE

9.Details of UGC recognition:

i.  2 (f) 06-10-1999 Permanent Affiliation by the University

ii. 12(B) 06-10-1999  

   (Enclose the Certificate of recognition u/s 2 (f) and 12 (B) of the UGC Act)

10.  Location of the campus and area in sq.mts:

Location * Semi-urbaan

Campus area in sq.mts. 5.4  Acres

Built up area in sq.mts. 4181.17 sq.mtr.


11.  Facilities available on the campus  or in case the institute has

        an agreement with other agencies in using any of the listed facilities   

        provide information on the facilities covered under the agreement.

a. Auditorium      -  Yes

b. seminar complex with infra structural facilities  -  Yes

c. Sports facilities

i. playground       -  Yes

ii. Gymnasium      -  Yes

d. Cafeteria       – Yes

e. Health Centre     – Yes

i.First aid    Yes

f. Biological waste disposal   -             * Available

g. Generator or other facility for management/regulation of electricity and

    Voltage        -  *Available*

h. Solid waste management facility   -   *Available*

            I. Water harvesting       -  *Available*